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    ""real" environmentalists – the ones who actually donate to organizations like EDF, NRDC and the Sierra Club usually know the difference between tree farms and old growth forests.. they spend a bit more time reading up on the issues"…LMAO!These fools don't know their ass from their shoes…These are the same people who have a collective hissy fit when sensible people try to remove dead undergrowth (a.k.a. kindling) and use the courts and other government entities to try to stop the clean up…

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    I would typify the activities of most of those who supported Prop 8 as having acted in defense of their perception of traditional marriage and the value it extends to society as a whole.I would typify the actions of Hanks and O’Donnell as active attacks on the members of the Church, not equivalent to pro-Prop 8 activities.As for the chickens coming home to roost, the 9-11/Ward Churchill imagery is particularly helpful if one was analogizing these sorts of anti-Mormon attacks on the membership of the Church to the Islamofascist attacks on Western Civilization. There is a certain nihilism, people who don’t think like me are the enemy kind of thinking.

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    There is no answer to this problem except (1) a cessation of all Muslim immigration to the West(2) repatriation of existing Muslim immigrants back to Muslim countries (3) ringfencing of those countries (4) attrition (5) constant vigilance (6) patience, and taking the long view – it has taken several centuries to get into this mess, it'll take almost as long to undo it.

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    Wow! What a burden lifted today. My husband died last Friday and although I am a believer I still had so many questions and by the mercy and love of God you answered them all. In a few hours I will be attendt his funeral and I can truly say that I’m at peace because I know that he is resting after seeing him suffer with so much pain day in and day and he’s getting the best rest in the world and even though I’m still here we are both carry in our spirits that Wonderful day of Salvation. So again I say God bless you.

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    some peoples channels arnt showing up, its an error. you should put "/user/" back in at the url at the side of videos. for example merman5656 wont work because someone set a url with that who got suspended for example, there are 2 years, CBCtv and CBC. you go to CBC's channel then go to one of the videos, click on the CBC link and it goes to CBCtv's channel instead of CBC's. please bring back the /user/ part in links to channels, thanks.

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    In re-reading my post, I decided I didn’t emphasize enough just how powerful the book was for women in the early 1960s. I can imagine the “aha” moment I would have had if I had been a housewife reading it in 1964. It certainly had a major effect and I suppose if one was committed to keeping women’s lives severely limited, it would be a dangerous book. But in a time when the women Friedan wrote about do get a chance to use their educations and build careers, it seems rather quaint to still consider it dangerous.

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    Thanks Phil.Last night on one of the MSNBC news programs they mentioned a bunch of Republican Reps who were not holding town meetings in their districts. Wondering which Reps they were and if any of them went on that junket to Israel. Willing to listen to Israeli’s but not their constituents.

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    I came across this novel about two years ago, after King’s comments on it found their way on to my computer screen somewhere, somewhere. I intended to pick it up soon after, but I read the opening chapters, and for some reason, was no longer compelled. Go figure. Now that I have your words on it, maybe it’s the right time to give it a proper chance. After all, you call it “haunting and enduring”. That can’t be bad.

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    Dlaczego wszyscu staraja sie tu wypowiedziec po angielsku skoro i tak wiekszosc komentarzy jest napisana przez polakow??? A co do listy to jest sama prawda no moze ”hong kong” tu nie pasuje bo jest to jednorazowe wydarzenie i smiech jest raczej wywolany ”urokiem osobistym” posla.regards for you all !

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    I see the pros and cons in both the physical book and the kindle. I’m currently reading “The Hunger Games” on a kindle and yes, it is very easy to read, but I’m constantly afraid I’ll drop it and I’m not keen on taking it outside the house. If I lose it, I lose a £90 kindle instead of a £5 book. I also prefer the weight and feel of the physical thing.

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    , I salute anyone who has ever put on a uniform in service of our country. More specifically, I salute my brother, who was stationed in Mosul, Iraq and wounded by an improvised explosive device (IED) in 2007. I also would like to salute employers like COUNTRY, IAA, GROWMARK and IAA Credit Union. These companies make it easier for our military personnel to serve while keeping their jobs at home.

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    I am sure Bally are probably very well made, but whatever I have seen of them, their shoes are not elegant looking, a bit clunky and soles protruding too much! Considering that they start at around £450 range, there are other much nicer looking makes (C&J handgrade, Alfred Sargent exclusives, Cheaney imperial etc.)which are equally well made.

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    I am not UTS.You posted about how beloved Clinton was and left out his biggest failing. I know, I know, expect logic from AB?NOT. Of COURSE, your post devolves into saying Obama is bi.What I wonder, Steve, is if the meds kick in at all.Probably not, because she's only tutoring the voices in her head.

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    I appreciate that you're always including the "less traveled" spots, those that don't pack tourists. Usually, I think of Jamaica as a tourist mecca, but your post has me thinking differently! You can find inviting spots if you know where to look (or read).

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    Hi Charlie. Glad to hear you had a great holiday and hopefully will see you tonight on Freeview. Does this mean that Toya,Paige and Lynsey are also back. I’m also looking forard to seeing Lynsey and Paige on the show also. Are they on tonight?Never mind will find out soon.Take care and be extra naughty for us please. How about a session in the shower? That would be great;Tara went in there last night.Anyway hopefully see you soon.Lots of loveGeoffxxxxxx

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    she would bite if you tried to pet her, then she got in your lap and took a nap?I wish I had your eye, you’ve got such a unique perspective on every day things. I would have walked past the barrels and barely given them a glance. The drum photo is terrific! (You know how much I love 7-Miles!) The kid with the red hair and blue shirt – those two colors jump right in your face. Great shots.

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    "American elites see themselves as multinational, citizens of the world, who happen to be stuck in a country filled with ignorant jingoists who believe in Creationism and Nationalism, and don't drink Fair Trade coffee"Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley of NPR certainly lived up to that statement in a video posted at Atlasshrugs and JihadWatch yesterday. Everybody should watch it, Schiller clearly reinforces your belief Daniel. I have to say that I felt very angry after watching it, but I did learn that sedition could be bought for 5 million dollars.

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    Joyce [45];Exercise your red pen all you like, schoolmarm — you completely missed the point. Populist “sticking it to the banks” by way of giving away free homes to deadbeats has not and will not stop the banks. It will only educate the masses that the reward for showing character is to be saddled with a greater burden. The only true reward is for failure and obstanance.

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    Johanna Lindsey is one of my fav historical writers. I have read everyone of her books and this Reid series is one of her best. I cannot wait to get this book in my hands..I just know I am going to read this book in one sitting..

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    Makes sense to me. Borrowers who pay PMI foreclose and the lenders get their money plus money from the sale of the home they now own. They’re not losing as much as everyone thinks!

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    Hi KatyLove the look of the Strippers book, and gorgeous fabrics, oh you do inspire (I went and bought fabrics from the Little Fabric co after seeing them on your blog).Thanks for visiting my blog…just to let you know the Antique and Collectors centre I go to is on Skipton, I’m not sure how far away you are in West Yorkshire? But it’s a great place, let me know if you ever venture into North Yorkshire!Lucyxx

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    They seem to pick up more on a demographic less influenced by what Emmett Tyrell called the ‘kultursmog” and we jolly well can’t have that, say a group actually familiar with Obama’s record suchas there was one, in the State Senate and the US Senate

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    Loi populiste… et il est à craindre que cela soit très bien pris par pas mal de gens.D’ailleurs, beaucoup de « bons français » aimeraient que soit appliquée la loi du Talion, ou la Charia.J’exagère ? Hum, je n’en suis pas si sûr.

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    You’d think so, but I’d lay money they all just did another cocaine mountain and agreed that their mistake was letting the director set the film on Mars.Not much money, but still.

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    Well, the problem is that any of the long-term solutions will take time to implement. We can’t realistically move from coal to nuclear and solar, nor from petroleum-based transportation to electric, in anything under decades. In the mean time, we’ll need more sources of oil and natural gas. Moreover, even if conservation efforts are wildly successful, doesn’t it make sense to keep our oil dollars at home rather than run up our already-huge trade deficit?

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    Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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    Dorothée dit :Très jolie photo, mais est-ce bien raisonnable de mettre tes seins sur le ouèbe? Remarque, Alexiane nous a déjà montré l’intérieur d’elle-même….;-) (j’en ris encore!)Je pensais que tu allais nous parler du buzz du moment sur la boob cream moi! Remboursez!

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    Hathor:It’s some and in other minorities as well that are still down with the cause, but then, there are some whose minds have been poisoned with televisions, movies, and commercials images of black people.

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    , “they prosecuted me for things I didn’t do and ignored the crimes I did commit”…Then they give him an award, they promote Frawley’s lawyer to Federal Judge and Fitzgerald to the private sector , starting pay $1.5 million…the guy’s you least suspect, Shaw, Fusco, Novak, Marin, Chase even Natasha…they all know.

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